Introduction of Nanako Family

I will introduce the animals of the Nanako family.

In Nanako’s family, there are 6 animals in total: 5 cats and a dog.

⇒ Here is the video series of the Nanako family


Long length munchkin 4 years old female

Got it from my friend, and is my favorite one

When she finds a bird or bugs, she gets excited

She loves to have a walk


Bicolor cat 8 years old male

I met him at a cat transfer meeting

He makes his owner happy with his key tail

He loves to eat


White and black 2 years old male

My friend found this cat and became part of our family

His tail is a little key tailed

He loves Daigoro


Calico cat 7 years old female

She gets scared easily and when someone comes, she hides inside the closet

Beautiful cat of our family


Japanese bobtail 6 years old female

She is a sweet girl and has a bad relationship with Nanako

When she fights with Nanako he pees


Long coat Chihuahua 5 years old male

Even though he gets scorned by cats, he still thinks that he is a cat (he doesn’t say bow)

Series of Nanako family