Introduction of Tomo Family

I will introduce the animals of the Tomo family.

In Tomo’s family, there are 19 animals in total: 17 cats and 2 dogs.

It is lively every day with a large family.

⇒ Here is the video series of the Tomo family.


4 years old male

He’s the oldest out of the cats, and he’s a kind cat who usually gives his food to others.

But when he’s by himself and give food to him, he clings to the food.


2 years old female

Lately, the overweighed Kuroko has a lot of lazy time and she sleeps quickly no matter how much

he’s disturbed.


2 years old female

She experienced childbirth 2 times and is a strong and respectable mother.

She’s really cute when she’s sometimes a sweet girl.

Chako looks quite like Shiroko, but Chako is more brownish overall.

Chako’s baby (3 kittens)

They just opened their eyes and they still can’t walk.

Recently they became active.


2 years old female.

She finished her childbirth and she’s a mother cat who has 5 kittens.

I see a lot of times when she is tired out of her usual childcare and she’s dozed out.

It’s lovely where she brushes her hair while she kneads on tatami mat last half.

Shiroko looks quite like Chako, but it’s white from lower neck to her stomach, and her back is brown.


1 years old male.

The one that mews the most out the pets.

As soon as I thought he cried, he returns to his serious face.

He’s really strange.

Siblings with Jiro, Saburo and Shiro.


1 years old male

His color is same as Taro, but their personality is different.

He’s a delicate child who has a constitution that has ureteral calculus.

I am a child of Tomo, so my face looks a little like.


1 years old male

Despite him born and grown at home, he’s the only child that is shy.

He sometimes nuzzled to me when everyone was asleep.


1 years old male

His face is young and he nuzzles to me a lot.

But he doesn’t like being cuddled.


1 years old female

I picked her up at a park, she’s really friendly and calm.

Her characteristic is the key tail.

She’s kind and takes care of the newborn kitten with me.


2 months old male

His characteristics are the pattern of the bang split.

He eats a lot and he’s the biggest out of the 5 siblings.


2 months old male

He’s cute where he basically runs around and can’t see things around him.

He usually sleeps besides my feet while not knowing.


2 months old male

His name is Genta because he’s the most active one.

His characteristic is the pattern that looks like a mole below his nose.

He’s brimming with curiosity.


2 months old male

He’s a cheerful boy.

He usually plays with Bunta and Gonta.

Sometimes he sleeps while he’s drinking his mother’s milk.


2 months old female

She is the only girl out of the 5 siblings.

Is it because there’s many boys around her, her personality is a little like a boy.

But she’s a little natural.


Akita dog 3 years old female

Choko is really mischievous and natural.

She becomes careful when she eats something for a first time.


Mutt 5 years old female

She’s really wise and could lie down.

She is gluttony and she eats anything that is food.

Series of Tomo’s family